Lovely Lucca.

Lucca was understated and beautiful. With so many unique pieces to what makes the little city amazing, it is rich with history and truly local perks. Its small quaint streets and a church that is strikingly simplistic, Lucca is perfect for wanting to escape into a more intimate oasis.

It is one of the only cities in Italy to have preserved the fortress-type walls around the city that were used as security features so long ago. As you walk along the outskirts of the wall, (where many people also ride their bikes and walk their dogs) you must be careful because getting too close to the edge means that you will likely take a tumble all the way down to the bottom. Within the enchanting walls of Lucca are small trattorias, a cute carousel lit with bright colors, and the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. The Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is an open public square now bustling with small cafes, restaurants, and surrounded by private residences. But before all of this it was home to Lucca’s own Roman Amphitheatre. The oval shape of the Piazza is a dead give away to the history of what was once there. The original amphitheater is now 3 meters below the streets of the Piazza and it is estimated that it once was able to hold around 10,000 spectators. Now as a marketplace, the Piazza and the ancient walls protecting the city are some of the many things that makes Lucca so lovely.

Lucca_3_blogThe walls of Lucca.Lucca_2_BlogWalking through the tunnels of the fortess walls to enter into Lucca.Lucca_1_BlogThe Lucca Cathedral, also known as the Cattedrale di San Martino

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