Cheers from London!

Between the two stores in Primrose Hill, is an alley way leading to Coldplay’s secret studio called, The Bakery.

Instead of celebrating Halloween night in Florence, I spent the night on a plane to London! My roommate, Diana and I flew to London to visit the wonderful city but to also spend time with my friend, Erin, who is studying at the London College of Fashion. The process of getting to London went quite smooth until we hit customs at London Stansted Airport, where we waited in line for about hour at midnight. Even though the line was extremely short, there was only one person checking passports and the last bus into the city was at 1 AM. Thankfully at 12:50 AM, 10 minutes before our scheduled bus, two more people came to move the line along and our passports were checked and approved. From there we sprinted, literally ran, to the bus station and caught the last bus to London Victoria Station. Even though we planned for customs to take long, note to self anything can happen when traveling you can’t plan for every detail.
Our first day in London was delightful! Erin’s apartment is located in Mayfair so we took a stroll from her place to Marble Arch, the Wellington Arc, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and Big Ben/ Parliament Buildings. We stopped along the way to take pictures and eventually landed on the Westminster Bridge overlooking Big Ben and the London Eye. It then started to rain so we found an English Pub to eat lunch at called, Clarence House. I ordered beer battered fish and chips and got a pint of Doom Bar. That night we did the London Eye, where we saw the best views of the city. Later we went to the local pub near Erin’s apartment called, Monkey Puzzle, drank some Pimm’s and made friends with the bar owner, Gary, a happy old Irish man.
The next day Erin and I set off to accomplish something that had been on my bucket list for a long time, finding Coldplay’s secret studio in North London. I was able to find the address online and Erin was able to navigate us there using The Tube. We found it, but not Coldplay. It didn’t seem as if anyone was there and when I asked the nice lady working in the café next door, she said they come around every few weeks. The most recent was 2 weeks ago, when they were with JayZ. (I died a little when she said that.) After, we went over to Abbey Road to visit the studio but to also recreate the famous Beatles album cover. We were lucky enough to find two other girls there wanting to do the same, so the four of us walked out onto the crosswalk and posed, it came out fantastic. If you are planning to go to London anytime soon, I would recommend stopping by Abbey Road. Not only is the studio something to see, but there is an awesome young guy who works at the Abbey Road crosswalk who will take your Beatles picture for free. There is still traffic on the road, so sometimes it is hard to get the perfect shot, however he is an expert.  Very nice and humble too. The city won’t let him collect money for his services without a license, so now he just does it for free. We tipped him generously, though.
On Sunday, we took the day slower and just strolled around the Camden Markets. There we found delicious food street vendors selling everything from donuts, to paella, to duck, the smells were incredible. It was also a fun place to look around for unique gifts, vintage shopping, and souvenir shopping. We spent about 3 hours walking through the markets, and probably didn’t even see half of it. I was able to buy a few Christmas gifts at Camden, it was one of the coolest shopping areas I have found yet.
London was definitely a must see, and I am so glad that I was able to explore the city where so many bands, books, and culture icons have been created. Pictures should be up soon, Cheers!

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