A sobering experience in Bavaria.

Our first day there we enjoyed a lovely free breakfast and then decided to go to Dachau Concentration Camp, outside of Munich. The experience was unforgettably terrible and informative. Terrible, in the sense of standing on the same ground where thousands upon thousands of people suffered and were killed. It was an amazing opportunity to visit Dachau. I am glad I did, but I’m not quite so sure I would ever go back. Our tour guide was pretty much an expert and painted such a realistic picture of how the camp operated and the lives of many prisoners who lived there. I had the opportunity to walk around the camp, learn and see the conditions of the barracks where prisoners lived, walked through Barrack X, a sobering and unbelievable experience, Β and learned a lot about the physiological and physical torture that went on, something that I did not know much about before. Probably the most emotional and shocking part of the tour of Dachau was seeing Barrack X. This was the section of the camp specifically designed and created for the gassing of prisoners and Dachau is the only camp where this process was completely preserved. What got me was the building itself. Just simply a brick building with an entrance, exit, windows, and multiple rooms, but what that symbolized to me was much more. In essence, it was factory and that is how it operated. I couldn’t fathom that this building, Barrack X, was specifically designed for the killing of thousands of people. The first room of the building was where people would undress and hang their clothes, the second, the shower room/gas room, and then the room immediately after was where all the bodies were searched for any valuable gold teeth etc. Finally, following was the cremation room. The whole process took 2 to 3 hours. This was the last thing we saw and what really opened my eyes to the horror of this camp, it was very emotional. I would encourage anyone to go and see one of the hundreds of camps spread across Europe. I might not return back to another camp, but I am so grateful to have learned from this experience, it was truly sobering.

DSC_0012The entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp, located outside of Munich.DSC_0013_2

DSC_0015The gate entering the camp meaning, “Work is Freedom.”DSC_0022_2DSC_0028_2DSC_0046Out of all the concentration camps, Dachau had the most rooms designated specifically for torture. Dachau had about 115 rooms, while other camps only had 30. This was the building designated for torture.DSC_0051_2DSC_0058_2DSC_0060_2Most of the buildings where prisoners lived were destroyed because of the buildings old age and because it was considered unsafe, so stone markers now label where the barracks once stood.DSC_0062One of the original sections of the fence surrounding the camp.DSC_0070_2DSC_0074The entrance into the shower room in Barrack X.DSC_0078_2


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