Hello USA, Hello Frustrations

It has been two months since I returned home from Italy and just now am I able to bring myself to write a blog post. These past two months (which seems like only a week) haven’t lived up to the excitement of the first two months in Europe, but you knew that. Being in Florence for four months felt so real when I was living there, but now back in New Hampshire it seems like a dream. It feels like I went to bed one night, met all these amazing friends from all over the world, traveled to 10 different countries, all to make it back to my bed in the morning and start my day off normal. I basically just picked up right where I left off in August.
My study abroad experience feels this way to me because in the US it isn’t really popular to pick up and move to a different country, for however long of time. People would ask you, “why do you want to move there?” as if America is the only placed one could live. When you live in the United States, that’s all you really think about, America. You forget that there are other cultures, other ways of life, and other beautiful places. You are well aware of the beauty that enchants Paris or the food that flavors Italy, but that doesn’t seem within reach in your reality, so it is usually forgotten. This is what I am struggling with since I have come back to the States. If I never studied abroad my world would have been significantly smaller. I would have never even contemplated living outside of my home country, and why would I? My possibilities and opportunities would have been smaller, I would have been subconsciously limiting myself.
Recognizing these flaws I see in my home culture has made me even more determined to get out and live. In Sweden they receive five weeks paid vacation every year, and in America I will be lucky to even get one week as a starting professional, see the flaw? Since returning home I have made a new goal for myself to look forward to now that I am back from Italy. I am determined to live in a different country whether Europe, Central America, or South America for a minimum of 2 years. Before study abroad, I would have never thought this to be within my reach, however now this seems like a possible reality.

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