A Thanksgiving Road Trip

For the second year in a row I didn’t spend Thanksgiving at home in New Hampshire. Last year I spent it in Munich shopping at the Christmas Markets with my friends from Florence and this year I spent it in Arizona visiting my sister. We spent the holiday in warm and sunny Tucson and then took a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I had never been to Arizona or the southwest before but Tucson was beautiful, set upon the Catalina Foothills scattered with Saguaro and Prickly Pear Cacti. We drove up Mt. Lemmon to watch the sunset, hiked Sabino Canyon, toured the Davis-Montham Air Force Base, and played cornhole on the green grass on Thanksgiving. We ate delicious food, one night we went to Zin Burger, a gourmet burger restaurant and wine bar, Ginza, Angela’s favorite local sushi place, and in Flagstaff I tried a hemp burger at an organic and vegan restaurant called, Morning Glory.
Our road trip began at 7am the day after Thanksgiving. We started in Tucson, drove to Phoenix, stopped in Flagstaff for lunch and then finally arrived at the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. Seeing it for the first time was breath taking and none of my pictures portray its beauty accurately. After seeing the sunset at the Canyon, we drove up to Page, Arizona near the Utah border. The next day we ate breakfast at a cute local diner called Ranch House Grille and hiked to see the crazy Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River. On the way back down to Phoenix, we stopped in Sedona to do some shopping and to have a nice dinner with the famous Red Rocks in the background.
The drive from city to city and from southern to northern Arizona was an experience in itself. The terrain differed so much from each part of Arizona. In Tucson and Phoenix the hills were filled with cacti. In Flagstaff the cacti disappeared and instead were filled with evergreen trees, looking like a ski resort town, and in northern Arizona the elevation was so high that there were no trees or cacti, just flat land and huge canyons in the distance.
It was a great Thanksgiving, and definitely one of the family experiences we will remember at future holidays. I am already missing the cloudless skies, the colorful sunsets, and warmth of the sun.

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