Going from rural to urban Ecuador.

1421429945I woke up Saturday and knew that it was probably going to be terrible day. I had to say goodbye to such inspiring and amazing people that I had just met. We had become a small family over the week and I didn’t want it to end. On Saturday morning we had our daily fresh breakfast but instead of hiking to school after it was time to leave the little village of Shuyo. We thanked Xavier and Chiri’s mother and grandmother for their hospitality and began walking out of the village with our heads filled with new and unforgettable memories. I didn’t feel ready to leave yet. Many of the tasks we had started at the school were unfinished and many of us felt guilty for leaving.
From Angamarca it was around a 4.5 hour drive to Quito. We made a few stops, ate some ice cream and eventually dropped off one of our trip leaders, Marco on our way to Quito. Marco taught me a lot during the week that I don’t think he realized. He was one of the hardest working and strongest individuals I had ever met. He was always working hard for others, pushing himself, never complaining. Watching him made me want to become more selfless myself. There was something so pure and good about Marco. Every action I saw him make, he made with such sincerity and kindness. He might not know it, but I believe his outlook and motivation helped the group to flourish and learn the most from the experience.
When we finally arrived in Quito, we had an hour to shop around the central market for things to bring back with us. Sam and I both bought matching llama ponchos! From the market we explored central Quito and for many of us it was an odd experience. Only 4 hours away there are people living without any modernized amenities, living with limited water supplies, and in rural conditions. The gap between the poor and the city was insane. Not all the people, but a lot of the people we saw in Quito, were living with cell phones, modern clothing, and expensive dining.
It was definitely a unique experience to go so quickly from rural Ecuador to extremely urban Ecuador. It made many of us speechless and solemn to see it.

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