Abandoned Through Nature, Revived By Humanity

In October 2015, it will have been three years since Superstorm Sandy. Even though boardwalks have been rebuilt and The Shore has been cleaned up, there are still countless homeowners who are still struggling to recover from the damage. It is estimated that over 500 homes and lots were abandoned after the storm and still haven’t been touched. New initiatives and programs were created to help homeowners rebuild in a more affordable way. United Way of New Jersey is an organization that collects donations and distributes them to local non-profits within the community. However, with the storm affecting so many costal counties, United Way of New Jersey established the Rebuild NJ program through AmeriCorps to assist those still recovering from the storm.

During our second week of serving, we were at home in Little Egg Harbor with a group of volunteers from California. A short walk down the street from our work site, are scattered homes that have been abandoned, damaged, or now for sale. Homes with destroyed docks, vacant foundations, and excess debris among the grass. Many homes that were once there had too much water damage to be salvaged and the homeowners plan to eventually in time place a modular home on the property. Driving down the road in Little Egg amongst the water, there are numerous other lots in the same situation and others just beginning the process of rebuilding.


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