Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal

We took refuge from the cold inside the Notre Dame Church on Valentine’s Day. It was so frigid and windy that it made us want to stay in the Church all day and never retreat back outside. I found a vacant, quiet pew, where I sat and starred at the beautiful architecture and detailed design of the Church’s aesthetics; peacefully watching so many admirers take pictures of every angle and view the Church gave. I noticed couples, individuals, and families sitting and starring in the moment, like I was, with no obscene selfie sticks or distractions. I became infatuated with a couple sitting several rows in front of me, who were also looking up at the religious masterpiece that stood in front of all of us. My trance was broken as I took out my camera and began to capture the scene I was experiencing. You may think it’s weird that I creeped on complete strangers for a good 20 minutes playing with my exposure levels and depth of field… but from that creeping I captured an honest, tranquil moment, that I like to think is filled with love and compassion.



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