Discovering the magic of Florence.

August 2013, at the top of the Duomo looking down on my apartment and Mercato Centrale. 

Not sure how to write this post without being extremely dramatic and overly excited, but in less than 3 weeks I will be on my way back to Florence after a dreadful and unwanted 2 years of separation. With a lot in store and lots of eating to do, you know I will be photographing, reviewing, and sharing all of it with you guys. Can’t wait to discover what it feels like to go back after living and falling in love with the beautiful city.

Below is my first ever blog post, and it just so happens to be about my first two weeks in Florence. I can’t help but look back at my memories before I adventure back to Italia.

“I officially have been in Italy for 2 weeks now and at times I even forget that I am here. I often have to pause while walking and remind myself that, “I am in Florence, Italy.” Still the concept is hard to grasp. The scenery here is becoming more and more normal to me, as I have not experienced culture shock yet, I am wondering how that will play out in the coming weeks.

Life in Florence is like living in a fantasy world, I can’t imagine how coming back into reality in December will affect me. Florence hits a peak at night, where the city is probably the most magical. The streets aren’t as crowded, you can actually walk across the Ponte Vecchio without stepping on people, and all the market vendors are closed up for the night. After dark you can appreciate a lot more of Florence’s beauty.

Last week my two roommates and I ventured into the historical part of central Florence. The streets were much narrower, the buildings were older unlike the modern architecture that can be seen in the Piazza della Repubblica, and there were fewer tourists. (Even though the Duomo is the most beautiful structure in Florence, it attracts crowds and crowds of tourists, causing gelato prices to be outrageous, illegal vendors on the streets and of course, noise.) As you walk outward from the Duomo you will find yourself eventually losing the crowds and venturing into the more local Italian sections of Florence, which is exactly what we did.

We got pizza from a local place called ToTo’s Pizzeria, which was the best pizza I have ever had. However I haven’t had Gusta Pizza yet, which I heard is the best in all of Florence. After we got our pizza, we took it to go and went to sit in the Piazza d. Signoria, where the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi lies. We sat on the ledge of the open-air museum outside and ate our delicious pizza, watched the Piazza slowly darken, and listened to the guitarist play classics. This is when I discovered the magic of Florence.”

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