Come fly with me!

December 20, 2015
I did not wake up Sunday morning expecting excitement. It was Sunday, a mediocre day preparing for the worst day of the week. It was going to be a lousy long week, waiting around for Christmas to get here on Friday and New Years the week after.

BUT, in fact I woke up and pondered about a fantasy I had been tousling around in my head for two eternal years. What other than Florence? I sat their and stared at Tom with disheveled bed hair and oversized pajamas, and finally said, “andiamo!”

We searched one and done, thanks to Kayak 😉 and found a round trip flight to the best place on earth for half the average price. “If we passed this up, I might die,” I said.

We sat more, looking at each other, are we actually going to do this or are we fooling ourselves? Are we serious or just playing our little Italian heartstrings?

He was serious, I guess I was serious, so ya were going to Florence. I think I all but just melted into an espresso out of excitement and pranced around the apartment like a pre-teen girl seeing her famous boy crush for the first time.

I know it sounds silly, but Florence was such a dream. A place I am still sure might not be real. I hadn’t been back since I left, and I need to go back to validate everything I fell in love with. As Buddy would say, “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.”

April 22, 2016
I’ve waited so patiently for this day. Dedicating myself to the countdown on the fridge white board, updating it every day, and spending hours upon hours researching more of the city I once had called home.

I’m currently sitting at Logan Airport waiting patiently for our departure. Excitement gushing through my veins, while also still questioning if we are actually going. Tom is laughing along at Instagram memes and I’m typing away in the hustle of the international terminal.

It might take an army to get me back on the plane to return home, and the thought of getting a head start in case Trump is elected president, is pretty tempting.

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away! Follow us here on the adventure to Florence! Xoxo.

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