Rooftop relaxing in Florence.

Today is Liberation Day in Italy, lots of local shops are closed and the streets are fluttered with more tourists. For lunch we headed to Trattoria Mario, which is hands down my favorite place to eat in Florence. I had a hunch they would be closed, and I was right. So we crossed the street into Mercato Centrale to eat at Da Nerbone, another incredible little eatery. Also closed. But I really can’t complain, because we resorted (I know awful, right?) to Terrazza Brunelleschi; the rooftop garden restaurant at Hotel Baglioni. Open to everyone, with super friendly and accommodating staff. We spent a couple hours sipping some Chianti and finally enjoying the full day of sun.

Enjoying a bottle of Chianti at Terrazza Brunelleschi, the rooftop garden of Hotel Baglioni.


The spectacular view of the Duomo from the terrace.


The Cappelle Medicee, of the Basilica de San Lorenzo.
Tom getting that perfect Instagram pic!


Sipping away…
and casually staring at the Duomo between sips.
And then the wind came, and it was finally time to put away the camera.
Ciao for now!
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