The best cappuccino in Florence.

Look no further for the best place to go for a morning cafe in Firenze. It’s News Cafe.

Nestled into the corner of Via de Giglio and Via Faenza, I walked past this cafe for a good majority of my semester studying abroad. But when I discovered it, as many do, there is no other cafe that can compare (and no other one you want to go to.)

The barista makes each and every cappuccino unique, using chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk to paint his masterpieces into the cup. From nature scenes, to Firenze landmarks, and beautiful artistic designs, he is brilliant to watch.

Tom and I popped over to News Cafe for breakfast before we visited the Accademia Museum to see Michelangelo’s, The David. (Both are in the same neighborhood of San Lorenzo.)

After the Accademia, we visited the famous Porcellino of Florence, a statue located in Mercato Nuovo. It is rumored to bring you good luck if you rub the wild boar’s nose and drop a coin from it’s mouth into the fountain grate below. I’ve also even heard if you successfully drop the coin in the grate, it means you will be returning back to Florence within 2-3 years.

My coin went in, so I am going with second theory 🙂

Tom’s didn’t, so who’s coming with me to Florence next?!

The Duomo in my cappuccino.


My crema croissant, a typical Italian breakfast.


The Porcellino of Florence.
Tom rubbing the Porcellino’s nose, and unsuccessfully dropping his coin into the grate. Looks like he isn’t coming back to Florence for a while!
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