Climbing the darling Duomo.

We saved the best for last and on our last day in Florence we climbed the Dome and the Bell Tower of the Duomo. After much climbing and many swirling staircases later, we made it to the top! Then we decided to climb the bell tower, which is my favorite to do. It has the same stunning views but with the Duomo in the beautiful panoramic scene.


Pointing at my old apartment.


The staircase leading up to the top of the Duomo lookout.

DSC_1090 copy

The view of the Duomo from the middle of the bell tower.
Inside the bell tower.
Looking at the Duomo through the windows of the bell tower.


Tom at the top of the bell tower.



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3 thoughts on “Climbing the darling Duomo.

  1. Thank you for the stunning photos, and for the recommendation to climb the Bell Tower. I have only ever climbed the Duomo, so now I must go back and experience the even better vista of Florence!


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