Tuscan Villa Chilling.

For the second half of our day in Tuscany, we explored more of the Rufina region and savored the true picturesque landscape of Italy, outside the city.

After eating lunch at a family trattoria in the small town of Pontassieve, outside of Florence, we made our way to Fattoria Selvapiana, to indulge in some more wine drinking. Fattoria Selvapiana is an organic winery located in Chianti Rufina, which is the smallest of the wine producing regions in Chianti.

The estate has a rich and long Tuscan history, and truly unique features, such as being one of only two producers in the world of Pomino DOC. Under the agreement of Selvapiana and the neighboring winery, together the produce Pomino DOC on a very specific and thriving hillside between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

We tasted about 10 different wines from Chianti Classico, Chianti Rufina, Syrah, and Vin Santo, but our favorite from the tasting was the Pomino, so we snagged a bottle to bring home.

As we were exploring the Selvapianna Villa later in the day, the clouds disappeared and we got to catch a few glimpses of the rolling hills and vineyards in the Tuscan sun.

DSC_0887 copy
Walking around the small town of Pontassieve outside of Florence, and admiring the picturesque Italian windows.
It’s impossible to take a bad picture in Italy.


The family estate of Fattoria Selvapiana in the Chianti region of Rufina.


Strolling through the gardens of Selvapiana on a cloudy day.
The villa and gardens were truly beautiful, even on a cloudy day the colors of the flowers and vineyards were brilliant.


I loved this floral overhang and couldn’t stop snapping away.
Exploring the wine cellars of Selvapiana and the incredibly old bottles of Chianti. (The bottles pictured above are from 1980, Reserve.)


DSC_0943 copy
Exploring the dark cellars and huge barrels of Chianti.
After tasting 6-7 different Selvapiana wines from Syrah to Chianti, we tasted a 1969 and 1980 Chianti Reserve. The tastes were so sour, and soon after we learned Chianti should be mostly enjoyed towards the younger side of it’s life. Definitely all made sense at the end. 
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