Follow along on the #NHwinetour

I hope you all enjoyed the previous post about my first stop along the New Hampshire Wine Tour. All through the summer I will be visiting numerous different vineyards around the southern NH area, and writing to tell you guys which ones have the best wines, deals, and picture-perfect views.

For the most part, all the wineries offer super cheap tastings. (And even some with Groupon deals.) With the lowest being Zorvino at $3 for 9 wines, and the most expensive at Jewell Towne for $10. Either way, it’s an amazing way to spend a day on the weekend while drinking some delicious wine, even if I can’t be in Italy…

Many have asked me about the tour and have been shocked to discover that NH actually has vineyards and active producing wineries, and I am ecstatic to be the one to enlighten them about the secret. I will be paying a visit to most of the locations in the state, but there are, of course, smaller ones that didn’t make the cut. For an entire list of official producing wineries, big or small, visit the New Hampshire Winery Association’s webpage.

Here’s a quick preview of where we are going to be stopping, check out the map below!
Ask any questions on the tour or comment what your favorite spot is in New England. Cheers!


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