A Quebec afternoon at the Fairmount.

One of our first stops after we got off the Ferry in Old City was to explore the massive castle that perches over the St. Lawrence River and Quebec. With lots of research prior to our mini trip, it took me the longest time to figure out what it actually was. I thought it was too big and ornate to be a hotel, and then wondered if it was a government building. I was wrong. The Château Frontenac, or Fairmount Hotel, is a massive venue uses for weddings, conferences, and lavish vacations.

With it being the center of activity in Old City, don’t be surprised to be inundated with giant tour buses, insane traffic, and large crowds all gathered outside the Fairmount. But the views of the St. Lawrence and the rolling Canadian hills are really a sight to see and appreciate. We strolled along the Château’s long boardwalk around the castle, enjoyed the summer breeze, while relaxing on the benches.

After we decided to explore inside the Fairmount and by that time it was time for some drinking 🙂


We found our way into the Chateau and stumbled upon Bistro Le Sam. In the mood for some cocktails we sat in their gorgeous sunroom with even better views than the boardwalk outside.

Tom ordered the “Not So Rusty,” a mixed drink with local bourbon and aged maple syrup mousse on top. He was in heaven. (And also in hell because I wouldn’t let him drink it until I got a picture.)


I got an epic rendition of a gin and tonic, made with local Canadian gin and topped with just about everything you could think of…cucumber, lemon, lime, thyme, dried ginger root, and dried berries. I also was in heaven with my favorite drink of choice.


It was too pretty, I couldn’t stop torturing myself by taking lots of pictures.



The atmosphere was light and sophisticated, and the view was amazing. (You had to be there.)

We sipped on our drinks, excited for more to come.


And now for the most important part, food!

As lovers of meat and cheese plates, we couldn’t resist to try a Canadian version. And by our standards it was pretty impeccable, different from a traditional, but in many ways spectacular. I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it.


We were so satisfied after our little aperitivo, we didn’t even make it to dinner. Cheers to the first day in Quebec.

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