Breakfast in Quebec.

Our Saturday in Quebec was stunning. The sun was shining and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Instead of staying directly in the city, we stayed on the other side of the St. Lawrence River in Levis, which we adored. Levis reminded me of where I grew up – suburban, quaint, and super easy to find our way around. (And with lots of parking, which is always a plus.) We had no trouble finding the closest Tim Horton’s for a quick coffee or the Levis Ferry to take us into Quebec’s old city.

On Saturday we journeyed across the St. Lawrence for a pretty epic brunch.


If I wasn’t awake before, the wind definitely woke me up!


Approaching the river banks, we had panoramic views of the city and the lush Canadian mountains.


The beautiful Fairmount Hotel towering above the old city for all to see.

After a brisk morning walk, we landed at La Panache.

As a four star diamond restaurant, La Panache deems themselves as one of the best in Quebec. “…nestled within the stone walls and exposed wooden beams of a maritime warehouse dating back to 1822. A dining room offering exceptional intimacy, along with stunning views of the St. Lawrence River…” The decor was decadent for sure, and the experience divine.


We started off with some mimosas and relaxed on their patio terrace over-looking the river.




With some truly tasty options on their brunch menu, from sweet potato waffles, smoked salmon, and steak…we both couldn’t help but to order the special, The Panache Breakfast.

Perfect poached eggs, spinach, fresh duck, wild mushrooms, classic hollandaise sauce and topped with a side of crispy bacon, toast, and homemade jam…this was the ultimate eggs benedict.


Delicious is quite an understatement.


After we finished our mimosas, we went for a second round, only this time with grapefruit juice!
(More places should do this, I think I may like it better.)


We finished our grapefruit juice mimosas and went on our way to start the day exploring Quebec City.

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