Whale watching on Boston Harbor.

This past weekend Tom and I ventured out into the open ocean on Boston Harbor Cruise’s whale watch. Not only had I never been on a whale watch, but I also have an innate fear of  boats, open ocean, basically anything related to water – I blame the Titanic.

So this was an excellent opportunity to conquer it, have fun, and see some whales up close.

Having arrived at Long Wharf near the Boston Aquarium, we excitedly found our way to the BHC dock. (Tip: Parking validations are avalibale for all customers who have a valid ticket to the Aquarium or BHC at the Harbor Garage. We didn’t know that, so definitely take advantage!)

We boarded, found a prime spot to enjoy the ride, and set off. The cruise usually lasts anywhere between 3-4 hours, depending on the location of the whales in the Stellwagen Sanctuary, but either way the high-speed journey to and from is all part of the experience. (Make sure not to stay inside the entire ride, climb up to the decks and enjoy the fresh air.)


Felt a little uneasy at first not seeing any land in sight…


But I got over it and started to appreciate how beautiful it really was.

Tom was already loving it.


We waited in the calm waters of the sanctuary to see if anything was going to break the surface.

IMG_4827And only after a few minutes, the whole boat was mesmerized.


There were a lot of tail sightings on the cruise, but it was amazing to see this whale’s head break through.


We were lucky to see a Humpback doing what is called “Kick Feeding,” where they hover on the surface and use their tales to slap the water.


On the way home we snuck to the back of the boat, where the ride was smoother, the breeze was fresh and sharp, and where there weren’t as many people hanging out.

IMG_5142_retouched_2IMG_5224 copy_retouched

You would never be able to tell I was secretly so afraid, and by the end I guess I wasn’t!



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